Pakistan’s Biggest Furniture Market in Manzoor Colony Karachi

Karachi, a city like no other, has earned itself the title of the commercial capital of Pakistan. When do you think about Karachi What comes to your mind? The beautiful beaches in Clifton, the high-end shopping at Dolmen City Mall, the grandeur of Draghi Road, or maybe even the traffic jams at rush hour. However, there’s more to see in Karachi; there’s Manzoor Colony Market.

Manzoor Colony, Karachi is known as ‘The Furniture Capital of Pakistan’ and has a variety of styles for every budget; it’s ideal for anyone shopping for ready-made furniture or who wants to take on a DIY project. If you are looking for one of the best places to buy furniture in Karachi, you must visit Manzoor Colony. It is home to one of Pakistan’s most beautiful and extensive furniture markets. The market still maintains its old-world charm, complete with local artisans who have set up workshops in the area. You can buy everything from colorful traditional wooden items to sleek modern designs mixed with stylish antiques, all at competitive prices. Numerous master artisans work out of this market and ensure you get precisely what you want – along with outstanding service and friendly/helpful staff.

History and Location:

It is located near Saba Cinema in North Nazimabad Town Karachi Pakistan. The old market center lies along the main road at the base of a hill, which has made it a difficult location to conquer recently due to its size and its entrance being relatively far from the main road by comparison with other markets in Karachi.


The modern center is relatively large, housing around 300 shops and 20 workshops in two buildings on either side of the street. Shops line both sides of the road, with rows of old wooden chairs and tables on display outside many of them. A narrow lane running off from this central area leads directly.

Good Reason to visit Karachi Manzoor Market:

  1. Interior décor items:You can find everything you need to decorate your homes in this market, such as chandeliers, paintings (of all sizes), clocks, table lamps, and other decorative items for your home or office.
  2. In this market, you can find all kinds of furniture ranging from bedroom sets, dining tables, chairs, sofas, and other accessories. Many people prefer to buy bedroom sets, bedding & dining table sets from this market because it offers excellent quality products at very affordable prices.
  3. You can also buy imported wood and other material from this market that you can use to make your custom furniture. Some people import wood material from China and then get it made by the carpenters at this market in Karachi.


Manzoor Colony is the hub of all the furniture dealers in Karachi and still growing. Despite being a grey area, the traders here are not afraid of the law enforcement agencies and continue with their sales unabated. The business thrives because now the urban population with money to buy high-end furniture increases daily. I hope you like the blog for more such types of blogs. Keep visiting at Furnisho. pk

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